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For more than ten years we have been at the side of companies, public and private agencies offering a tailored made service: from the creation of web sites to brand identity, from graphic design to computer assistance.

Trust in Pintas for graphic design! web design! computer assistance! drone filming! 3d printing! video editing!

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We paint the pathway that your ideas will travel on.

In the Sardinian language, the word pintas identifies with the warp, the motives, the decorative elements that make up a piece of artwork. For us, pintai, expresses a meaning greater than painting on a canvas, from weaving thread on a loom or sculpting wood, it means: to dress, to color, to give strength to an idea, to paint the road on which this can take shape.

We are specialized in brand design, the realization of brochures and layouts, computer assistance and web creation. Our objective is to create products that captivate, searching for perfection in everything that we make.

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Why choose Pintas?

We have offered services of professional web design, graphics, brand identity and computer assistance for more than ten years.

We offer a personalized service to satisfy the requests of each client. The website, illustrations and logo that we create are unique. We take the necessary time to understand what product or service is best for you. We analyze together with you your market references and your competitors, so that we can expand and differentiate what you offer. This information helps us to create a package of the type of web design and brand identity that you need.

With every creative service that we offer, we will always present you with a series of choices before the final product. During, the process of design you can keep in touch with us and we will keep you up to-date. We put maximum precision and attention into each project we take on.

At Pintas we understand that the way in which you present yourself is important and the final result can notably influence the way in which your business is perceived by your clients. We work hands on and dedicatedly to create creative solutions that permit us to obtain results, creating a return on your investment.

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Let’s give life to your ideas