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At Pintas we give life to your ideas creating imagines and layouts for the promotion of your activities and the promotion for events like town festivities and parties. We can modernize your business with a unique logo, efficient and easy-to-recognize. We can decorate your commercial space with attention grabbing visual items.


Posters, flyers, brochures and signs are still today effective means of promotion. Choose your image, the creation of a tailored image and the management of spaces and positioning of elements that allow you to have visual pleasing layouts that are easy to examine.

But, when we talk about the promotion of a business, the first place to start with is the logo, it’s the distinctive sign of your product in the marketplace. A good logo, to be considered so has to have the following characteristics: uniqueness, so that it is easily recognizable; versatility, so it can be used on different support systems; coherence, so that it represents the business and identifies with your values; current, up to date, so as to represent the company throughout the years.

Pintas sets up your business with a package that includes the study of a business logo and a corporate identity (business card, stationary, brochures, personalized clothing).

If you have a business, an association or an organized group, count on Pintas!

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How much does a logo cost?

The design of a logo is a complicated procedure in which the features of a brand are blended into a single image. Many clients are not willing to spend a lot of money on one simple logo. What should a reasonable price be for the design of such a logo and how much will you have to spend? We can start off by explaining exactly what a logo is.

A logo is a fundamental part of the identity of a brand and it is the first thing that your clients will see. A unique and easily recognizable logo helps firmly position your brand in your client’s mind. Your logo should reflect the values of your company and your customers.

So, how much does a logo creation cost? We are not able to give an estimate before the creation of a logo. It’s impossible, as well as not being professional, to give out an estimate without first having actually evaluated and understood the wishes and objectives of the project that you want to develop.

For this reason we have decided to not offer packaged products, like we do for website or computer assistance. We prefer to evaluate first with the greatest attention to detail what are the results desired and the objectives that the clients want to achieve and then according to us, these are going to determine the price of the logo creation.

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