Santa Lucia Archaeological Area

The archaeological area of Santa Lucia di Assolo (OR) is a very interesting multi-layered site which preserves important evidence from the Bronze Age to the Middle Ages with the remains of an imposing multi-lobed nuraghe with its village (14th-9th century BC), of a terma, a road and several houses from the Roman imperial period (III-IV century AD), in addition, a sepulchral area from the early Christian period with numerous tombs and a patrician funerary mausoleum located immediately around the church whose first layout dates back to the Byzantine (7th century).

Design and creation of the brand of the tickets and the entrance sign of the Archaeological Area.

Technologies and Software

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator



Società Cooperativa NURE – Servizi Integrati per l’Archeologia – Isili (SU)


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