Design of billboards and signs for the tourist itineraries of the “Sa Perda ‘e Iddocca” Tourist Consortium.

The signage represents a piece of the infrastructural endowment program which aims at the creation of a network of tourist itineraries, dedicated to cycling, walking or horse riding: the so-called slow tourism. This intervention aims to reduce the infrastructural but also cultural gap currently present compared to other territories which, for decades now, have managed to structure an annual tourist offer, reserved for lovers of hiking.

The planned itineraries involve the municipalities of: Allai, Asuni, Genoni, Gesturi, Laconi, Meana Sardo, Nuragus, Nurallao, Ruinas, Samugheo, Villanova Tulo.

Technologies and Software

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator



Consorzio Turistico “Sa Perda ‘e Iddocca”

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